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Sheetal Magan is an African Johannesburg based filmmaker  of Indian descent. She is  interested in disruptive storytelling driven through strong female protagonists and original storytelling. She studied Screenwriting and Directing at The South African School of Motion  Picture. She also has a masters in Visual Anthropology from HMKW Berlin in 2021. 

Paraya (2016) explored Xenophobia premiering at the Directors Fortnight in Cannes, then competing in Toronto, Durban, Stockholm and Mumbai. City of Ashes (2021) a sci-fi dealing with an airborne virus and an immune child is set for festival release in 2023.

Atman Media Lab is her creative home, a woman led indie outfit currently in development on her feature film The ‘Day and Night of Brahma with Urucu Media. Other projects include ‘Acts of Man’ a neo-noir crime drama with the BePhat Motel and and ‘The Queue’ a dystopian telling of life after the Arab Spring in the vein of Orwell's 1984..



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