Sheetal Magan earned an early reputation for tackling social taboos with her early short film work with God Dank air Klank (2012) a mockumentary about Die Antwoord and the appropriation of ‘Zef Culture’ as well as The Fall of Ganesh (2015) a slice of life look at race in suburban SA. She was listed as 1 of 6 creatives to watch by the South African City Press in 2015.

Paraya (2016) explored Xenophobia premiering at the Directors Fortnight in Cannes, then competing in Toronto, Durban, Stockholm and Mumbai. She is captivated by the idea of a new African lens and novel storytelling in the global south.

Atman Media Lab is her creative home, a woman led indie outfit currently in development on her feature film The ‘Day and Night of Brahma with Urucu Media. Other projects include ‘Acts of Man’ a neo-noir crime drama for the BBC and and ‘The Queue’ a dystopian telling of life after the Arab Spring in the vein of Orwell's 1984 with the Film Clinic in Egypt.